1892 Barber Head Dime

1892 Barber Head Dime
1892-P With very good date and detail
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We are Linn Enterprises home of affodable silver coins. We have alot of affordable silver coins on sale. We have specials with reduced prices. We have a very good variety of Mercury, Barber, and Roosevelt dimes, as well as Morgan Dollars.

John and I like to think that we have a solid collection of valuable coins for you to purchase as we have been collecting coins for over 20 years. Our products are about the best quality for the lowest afforable prices that are available. We have done research on the prices of silver, through coin dealers, auctions, and coin shows. It is our intent to bring you a products page crammed with lots of silver coins and we will be adding more, so look for our just arrived, or it's here as many of theses will have bargains discounts sales or special pricing. Check back often as you may miss some great oportunities to purchase a truely special coin.

We like to think that coin collecting is a very relaxing hobby. It gives you a chance to find that unique one in a million siver coin that is missing from your collection, or maybe as a gift to one who is younger or older who might be interested in starting thier own collection. At any rate it is a lot of fun looking for that special coin you've been wanting for years.

There is a lot of history out there on silver coins to much to post it all here, but I do want to mention this little tidbit for you. Did you know that our coinage was fashioned around the Morgan Dollar? Well it's true. In 1792 the first morgans were minted with a variety of mint marks and thus our first system of coins was formed. There is a lot more history to write but I'll save that for our blog. Please look for my link on the pages of the site. We also have a link to selling on ebay, look for reggaequeen-2009 and find some more great deals as we offer free shipping and we ship within the next day or two.

Thank for stopping by and please check back often as we will be adding more content as it becomes available and there will be many more deals to be found here. Thank you John & Jean Linn.